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The Origin of the CREF-Method®

With the development of the CREF-Model, Baukje van Leeuwen has introduced an important innovation to the somewhat outdated pyramid of Maslow (1943). Using this model she developed the CREF-Method. With this method it is possible to access deeper levels of social and emotional development. She originally developed the CREF-Method for people who were unable to find appropriate help, without medication, for their problems, or who were convinced by helping professionals that nothing more could be done for them.

Moreover, it was found that attachment problems including those originating in the prenatal phase, otherwise known as recognized traumas, are the main cause of social and emotional problems.

Baukje van Leeuwen and her colleague Sasja Lemmen discovered while working with the CREF-Method, that it was very successful in treating many other problems, including those affecting group processes within organizations.